Property ManagersLockers in your building for laundry and dry cleaning

Bringing SMARTLockers by Natural Cleaners to your property adds service and convenience for your tenants and employees.

The SMARTLockers system is self-managing, secure, requires minimal electricity and installs easily. It’s like offering a private dry cleaning service for your tenants. SMARTLockers can be configured for just about any available space in buildings where people already gather.

  • Offer a professional, convenient dry cleaning and laundry service to your residents and employees.
  • Add value to your property –  add an attractive amenity that you can use to help market your property.
  • Attract the best tenants – customers are typically high-income professionals, so our service attracts desirable, low hassle tenants to your property
  • Differentiate your services – Offering SmartLockerz as a part of your suite of services helps differentiate your property in a competitive marketplace